Gerbil Taming

You can get hours of enjoyment by taming your pet gerbil and creating a loving relationship that you can cherish everyday. Gerbils need attention, so you should always talk to it as you walk past the cage and say hello or give them a friendly whistle.

Naturally gerbils are curious and inquisitive creatures that love to explore their environment. It is most likely this lovely nature that makes them such good pets, especially children’s first pet. People enjoy a pet that will come forward to them and want to get to know them as opposed to a pet that will turn and run at the site of you like some other animals might do.

A common sight is to see a gerbil standing upright on their hind legs with their noses in the air sniffing about looking to explore and investigate. Gerbils are the perfect size for children as they can fit in their hands, be petted and they will not bite unless provoked or they feel threatened. Always supervise your children when they are playing with their pet gerbil as if a situation arise where you need to intervene, you can quickly without risk of the gerbil getting hurt. Remember they are very small fragile creatures that would get injured if they were to be trod on, if your gerbil is looking or acting distressed while being held, it’s best to put them back in their cage and try again later.

The best way to get your pet gerbil to trust you is to make a daily routine where you always approach the cage with the same sound or whistle, they will quickly learn to wait for your arrival and show you that they have noticed. Each gerbil is different and they cannot learn verbal commands like dogs can, but they can learn to trust you and make a great little friend.