Ten Tips When Buying A Gerbil

  1. Make sure that the gerbils you buy are healthy and kept in a clean cage.
  2. When gerbils are asleep, they will perk up pretty quickly, if someone put their hands into the cage.
  3. Gerbil’s eyes should be bright, clear and open.
  4. Their coat should be shiny without any bald patches or skin problems.
  5. Buy a pair of gerbils that have been living together previously, you will save from unwanted problems if they are unfamiliar with each other.
  6. Look over the animal for signs of wounds or fractures, notice how they walk and move.
  7. You should buy a gerbil that is at least six weeks old, try to get gerbils that are about eight to ten weeks.
  8. A gerbil’s age can be estimated by looking at the length of its tail. During the first six weeks the tail will grow quickly to about 2-3 inches, it then slows down and reaches about 4 inches by the time it is one year old.
  9. The gerbil’s hind legs and feet should not be soiled in stools.
  10. Notice if the gerbils excessively scratch, as this can be a sign of a parasite problem.