Gerbil Bedding

Here is a quick check list that you can look over to see if there is anything you are missing out on the ensure your pet gerbil is happy.

  1. Learn about what gerbils do in the wild in their natural habitat, this will give you a much better understanding of what you can do for them and how to keep them happy in captivity in their cage.
  2. Gerbils cherish the opportunity to live and bond with companions of their own species.
  3. Ensure your cage is large enough to house your pet gerbil or gerbils, check out the multi unit cages and give them room to explore..
  4. Gerbils like to run free at least a couple of times a week, barricade off any escape holes and move any cables out of reach and let them out of their cge.
  5. Your cage should have a wheel, plenty of room to climb, toys to chew and the appropriate bedding.
  6. A balanced diet is essential to your gerbil’s health
  7. Never on any occasion pull the tip of your gerbils tail.

If you follow these basic tips your gerbil should live a happy and healthy life and provide you with lots of joy everyday.